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Build Your Empire and Conquer the Whole Galaxy! Play now!

mac gamesPeople who have adventure nature, especially gamers, must play at least one the following game Supernova 2: Spacewar. This is a space adventure game where you need to use your strategic skills to finish this game. Player is going to control his or her entire space empire, develop and expand it as big as they can, of course to protect it from its enemy so there will be wars! This game is available in mac games, linux and pc version.

What players need to do is carefully selecting strategy using all available resources, mix and balancing all tools available which cover learning new technology, train your troops, raises your colony and build a winning fleet to beat the whole galaxy! All variables you choose within this game contribute to your success to fight and conquer the opposing race.

You will find on the side bars categories such as soldiers, scientist, politicians, officers, engineers and civilians, each of them serve a unique function for your empire. Player needs to carefully manage all these characters to develop your empire so you can easily defeat your enemy and conquer the whole galaxy! May be to some, the ship outlook is unchangeable but still, players can explore the technology and improve the ship ability, take this process as the challenging part of the game!

Wars! This is the thrill and chill part, to conquer the whole galaxy you must face your enemy’s colony, let them come close to you or you may pay them a visit and start attacking! The battle may not too colossal and intense but this game somehow offers its own unique way to entertain players. Players just have to focus and terminate as much as possible enemy ships and for sure not letting them hitting you back. You win if you can beat more than 75% of the whole empire!

This is one among few best mac games available at this moment; you may download the trial version or buy the game on There are more great games waiting for you on this website, again, this site has many version for each of its game, there are mac, pc and linux version for each of game available. Build your empire and conquer the whole galaxy! Play now!

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